Kevin Sack, Lord Blackstock (deceased, 1945)


Kevin Sack was a Century Baby – children born at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 1900. Then, as a child, he was lost in the darkest jungles of Africa, presumed dead.

The gifts he had as a Century Baby, however, allowed him to not only live, but to be raised by the animals of the wild. When he was old enough, he returned to England to find his family. In doing so, he discovered that his family had bought a title – he was now Lord Blackstock.

Despite his new nobility, he felt more at home in Africa, and spent much of his time there. The place was comfortable for him, and soothed his aversion to boredom. While he was in Africa, he encountered the lost city of Opak-re, an advanced civilization deep in the jungle. He was respected by the people of Opak-re, and soon fell in love with one of their scientists, a woman named Anaykah.

In a fit of boredom they broke the city’s prohibition against cross-breeding, and Anaykah had a baby girl. Because of this breach of law, the city was declared to be sealed shut from the outside world. As the shields closed up, Anyakah managed to give the baby to Elijah Snow, another visitor to Opak-re who had also loved Anaykah. Elijah was charged with finding the little girl a home, which he did with a kind German family he knew who could not have children of their own; they named the child Jakita. It is unknown if Blackstock knew he had a daughter.

Blackstock died with most of Dr. Axel Brass’ group of adventurers in January of 1945, fighting against a group of invading metahumans from a parallel Earth.


Kevin Sack, Lord Blackstock (deceased, 1945)

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