Kim Suskind (deceased, 2009)


Kim Suskind may be the only person on earth who Randall Dowling cares about other than himself, and, if things had gone according to plan, that would have saved her from the Earth’s enslavement and destruction.

In 1961, Kim Suskind, the daughter of Nazi scientists, joined Dowling, along with William Leather and Jacob Greene, on the Artemis mission. This was to be the first manned trip to the Moon, and a secret one at that. The public trip, Apollo wouldn’t go for another eight years.

On their way to the moon, however, Suskind and the crew encountered an anomaly in space – a portal to the Bleed, the “buffer zone” between universes. When they came out of the Bleed, they were in orbit around a totally different Earth. This one was highly developed, but extremely paranoid, and feared that Suskind’s Earth would one day be a threat to them. So, Suskind and the other three agreed to be transformed and granted super-human abilities. In return, they would suppress human advancement as much as possible until the other Earth could destroy it.

When they returned, they were The Four, and did their job with ruthless efficiency.

Suskind was considered by many to be the most dangerous of The Four. She was able to turn invisible and create force fields of varying size and shape. She was a talented assassin, preferring to make people’s heads blow up. She is in debt to, and in love with, Randall Dowling. She was recently killed by Elijah Snow, the leader of Planetary.

Kim Suskind (deceased, 2009)

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