In 2009, after multiple strange quests, investigations, digs and adventures, the first field team of the Planetary Foundation, made up of Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and the Drummer, defeated the threat of the Four. These enigmatic shadow players whose leader, Randall Dowling, had promised the Earth to extra-dimensional conquerors in exchange for phenomenal supernatural powers, saw the culmination of decades’ work destroyed, ensuring the world would survive.

The Planetary Foundation, then, using the hoarded technological breakthroughs of the scientifically-minded Four, was able to pierce the mysteries of time and space and rescue a fourth, long-thought-dead member of the field team, Ambrose Chase.

And even though they have moved on to other avenues of the Foundation, the world still has need of so-called “Archaeologists of the Impossible.”

After all, it’s still a strange world out there… and beyond.

Planetary is copyright Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. All rights reserved.

Planetary: The Second Field Team